Winterwear - 7 Must Have Investment Pieces

Nov 19 , 2021


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Winterwear - 7 Must Have Investment Pieces

Winterwear shopping is at its peak right now. That being a reminder that summer already said goodbye to us and winter is knocking on our door. Days have started getting cold and nights colder. These chilly days are the call for us to take out all our hoodies and jackets buried inside the closet. But if you think that you don’t own much. Don’t worry. You still got time to buy new pieces. Since we all know that winter outfit are a bit costly, I would advise you to buy a few major investment pieces to continue wearing for a long time. So, try spending money on classic pieces which is not going to fade away. This is the thing with investment pieces that it can be styled in different ways year after year again.


1. The Neutral Coat:

Winterwear is all about flaunting your collection of coats and blazers. Feel your outfit is quite basic. Elevate it with a coat. Try to buy neutral shade which can go on any outfit. Don’t try to spend just on trendy fad fashion as you will stop wearing it after a season. Instead buy good quality neutral tone coats which you can wear now as well as for years to come. Buy single or double breasted as they are the classic pieces. Style it up with a belt or leave it open. It can be worn over jeans, dress skirts and nearly all the other outfits. Though it will feel like emptying your pocket right now, believe me it will help in saving your money when you look at the long term.

coat for winter wear


2. Knit Dress:

Want to look chic and trendy but don’t know how? Time to get a few knit dresses for winters. Being fashionable at the cost of feeling cold is a big no. Dresses are not only for summer and spring but for winter and autumn as well. Invest in good woollen knits and store it with care for future years. Layer it up with overcoat and scarf and don’t forget to wear boots for the complete ootd. There is a collection of long and short knit dresses with different pattern and colours available in the market. Get it according to your personal preference. These are quite versatile and a must investment piece as winterwear.

winter wear knit dress


3. Leather Bag

Winterwear is not only about cozy and glam outfits but for accessories like bags, footwear and scarves as well. Spending a good fortune on a nice leather bag will be the investment you make in present and get future returns. You can use it seasons after seasons and it will still look the same. Buy neutral tones like brown and black as it is most likely to go with every outfit. Bags boost up your style and upgrade your basic look. Right now, it may seem like spending a lot but believe me you will be grateful for this decision in future.

leather bag for winter wear


4. Chunky Boots:

Boots? Hell yes!  Winter is all about boots, be it ankle, knee or thigh high. So, be safe from the harsh weather in style. There’s a wide variety to choose. From the size of the heels, to the material and also the opening of tie up of lace and zippers.  Boots are going to be in fashion for a very long time. It is worth the investment and a must buy item for everyone. So, if you don’t own one, go and buy it now. What are you waiting for ?



5. Statement Scarf:

Woollen knitted scarf is the most experimenting winterwear item. Buy a few forever lasting bold print and colour, and you will always be the stunning fashionista. Scarves can be style in multiple ways but it for you to decide what way you want it to wear. Investment in a few different styles will definitely going to benefit you in near future. They are trendy and good cold protection item and a must have winterwear accessory.

Statement scarf for winter wear


6. Turtle Neck:

Winterwear investment pieces can never be complete without a turtle neck in the collection. Turtle neck can be worn as an upper or an inner layer while styling your look. It will be good to go for winter as well as for autumn. Turtle neck will keep you warm if you invest in good quality material and fit. Try to own a few neutral tones for that classy chic vibe. Accessorise it up with chains and earrings for that extra glam. Turtle will stay in fashion for infinite time as it is the perfect winter outfit choice by masses.



7. Leather Leggings:

Keeping warm is not just for uppers but for bottoms too. While buying various investment pieces for winter, don’t forget to keep your legs protected. One all time classic piece to spend your money is leather leggings, preferably black as it will go with all outfits. They look sleek and sexy and hell lot glamorous. So, don’t start overthinking and invest in this piece and wear it for years to come as it will always be trendy.

winter wear leather leggings


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