T-Shirt Styles and Trend Every Men Must Know

Dec 01 , 2021


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T-Shirt Styles and Trend Every Men Must Know

T shirts are the most common outfit choice by all gender and age groups. They are quite versatile, casual and can be styled for formal event as well. It is a basic outfit choice and a must piece in everyone’s wardrobe. There are a variety of t shirt categorized into different group based on their neckline, sleeves and fit. After reading this article you will get to know about various style of t shirt design. If you are curious about tops designs then must read our blog  Must Have Tops in Your Wardrobe . So, in this article lets discuss about different t shirts styles and trend that every man must know.


T Shirt Style According to Necklines

T shirt have emerged in style through time and there a lot of style especially as per necklines. There is Crew neck, Henley neck, Polo, Scoop neck and many other variations of these basic necklines. I have explained all these necklines in further points so try to understand and make it work as per your body type and personal style.

  1. Henley Neck T-Shirts

Henley t-shirts also known as Y neck t-shirts. These are designed to represent somewhere between crew neck and round neck with a buttoned placket. Some even like to call it a collarless version of Polos. The name was itself derived from the English town named Henley-on-themes. It was the traditional uniform of the rowers of that town. If you want to look casual and sleek at the same time, Henley neck t-shirt is the good option for you. It complements all body types and will make your features look toned and slimmer. Henley neck t-shirts looks best in plain and striped style.

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  1. Crew Neck T-Shirts

Crew necks are the most common and widely worn type of t shirts neckline. They have a round neck which fits quite close to the neck. Crew neck are available in different fits and sleeve sizes. It suits best with people with small to medium chest, long neck and wide shoulders. These t shirt styles go nearly with any bottom and can be styled into any basic or experimental look.

 henley t shirt styles


  1. V Neck T-Shirts

V neck normally resembles to t shirt which neckline is shaped as letter V. They suit men who have broad shoulders and round face. These t shirts give the definition to chest and face and makes you look dope. Layer it up with a button-down shirt for that dapper look and you are ready to go.

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  1. Polo Neck T-Shirts

Polo t shirt have a rib collar and a placket opening. These are very versatile and can be worn to any formal occasion and gatherings. These are basically the uniform worn by golf players. Men who are a bit on lean side can wear it to give the illusion of full body. Polo neck t shirts look highly sophisticated and its semi-casual vibe make it the perfect choice for any event.

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  1. Scoop Neck T-Shirts

Scoop neck t shirts give quite a metrosexual look. They are kind of crew neck but only a bit deeper with a U shape. You should only try wearing it if you have a good muscle to show off and you know your fashion game. If not paid attention it can end in being a fashion disaster.

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T Shirt Styles According to Sleeves


  1. Raglan Sleeve

 Raglan sleeve is categorized by its distinct sleeve design. These t shirts have sleeves which are diagonally attached at shoulder continuing from neck which is quite different than the usual round seam at shoulder. They are basically inspired from baseball uniform. Raglan sleeve t shirt is a must to add to your collection if you want a variation in your wardrobe.

Raglan Sleeves tshirts 


  1. Sleeveless

T shirts without sleeve also known as Tank t shirt are quite popular these days. It is mostly seen worn by body builders and athletes who loves to show of the body and muscles. These is a must outfit for men at the beach and during hot temperatures. Try pairing it with cargo shorts and rugged jeans and win hearts.

 Sleeveless t shirt style


  1. Cap Sleeve

Cap sleeves t shirt are the crew t shirt with extended fabric at shoulder which act as short sleeve. They are quite short on arms and mainly paired with a v neckline. It is quite famous among men who likes to show their biceps and broad chest. Go for these cap sleeves only when you know what kind of fashion and style you want.

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  1. Half, Three Quarter and Full Sleeves

As the name suggest these t shirts have different sleeve styles and the popular among them are half and full sleeves. There are worn according to the temperature outside and the layering on top.

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T Shirt Styles According to Fit


  1. Slim Fit

Slim fit is a bit fit on the body but not too much. They leave a breathing space for the person who is wearing it. It is the most versatile and popular style fit in the world. It suits every physique and is quite comfortable.

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  1. Baggy

Baggy t shirts are becoming quite popular these days. They are highly comfortable and trendy at the same time. Most lean physics men try to style baggy t shirts with layer jacket and pants. It does not always have to be an oversized piece rather it can only have loose sleeve and the look you get will be quite a sight to hold.

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  1. Muscle Fit

Muscle fit is the famous style for all those men who like to show their fit body. They are worn mostly by fitness enthusiast and sportsmen. They hug all the highlighting muscles like chest and biceps and accentuates it to the viewer.

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T Shirt Style According to Print, Cut and Surface Enhancement

  1. Plain

Plain t-shirt is the basic and universal t shirt style. They are the classic and a must to have in your collection. Plain tees go best with any bottom wear as it acts as a canvas for you to style. Get a variety of colors and fit as per your preference.

 t shirt styles


  1. Pocket Style

Pocket style are t shirt which have pockets on it. Pocket if done in complementary colour can add a definite appeal to the t-shirt. Sometimes there is no actual pocket but the illusion of it by print or just stich lines.

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  1. Striped

Striped is any t shirt which have horizontal or vertical-coloured lines either through the knitting or print. They are the evergreen style which will never go out of fashion. You can easily play with you fashion style by choosing different length, width, direction and colour of these lines.

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  1. Hooded

Hooded tees are quite trendy and have aesthetic appeal. They are quite popular among younger men. They are basic crew neck t with a hood attacked to it. This normally originated because of the popularity of hoodies and sweats. But as hoodies could not be worn in hot temperatures, t shirt with the hood was the evolutionary product.

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  1. Graphic

Graphic printed t-shirts have a huge demand now a days. It is loved by all genders. They have a huge collection of typography, fonts, pictures and art. These days people are also trying out customized prints and they love the website which makes them able to print whatever they want on their t shirts. Graphic t shirt also gives the voice to the wearer as you can say whatever you want through your t shirt.

 t shirt styles


  1. Printed

Printed t shirts are basically t shirts either with print all over the surface or a placement print at a specific place. They give a very casual vibe and add variation to your wardrobe.

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