Office Outfit Ideas for Indian Women

Nov 22 , 2021


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Office Outfit Ideas for Indian Women

Choosing a good work outfit for office is quite a hectic job. We all have been there and some of us are still residing. Who gets the time to select an outfit when you hardly get time for yourself? And one more issue is not wanting to repeat the outfits. So, in this article I would like to suggest a few outfits inspiration and ideas for all those women who think they have nothing to wear. And don’t forget to mix match your outfits so it will have a new look every time you wear it. One most important point is never to forget styling with right accessories like bags, heels and jewellery.

I am so glad that in India there an additional outfit idea because we can always add saree and Kurtis, most wearable work clothes to the list of suit and pants. So, try getting inspiration from this blog and use it to your daily office outfit ideas.

Here goes the list:


1. Kurtis and tunics

Office outfit ideas for Indian women is never complete without including tunics and kurtis to the list. Very Indian women wardrobe definitely consist a few items like this. They are comfy, stylish and few details like fabric and print can make it like perfect for an office outfit.

Try looking for solid hues, neutral colours, small print for that perfect professional look. Pair it with good fitted pants or jeans and don’t forget to wear heels. Avoid using sleepers as it could give the casual vibe and we definitely don’t want that. Do we?

kurtis and tunics by urban alien


2. Suit

Workwear outfit top item are suits. Currently the three-piece suit is quite trending. They not only look professional and damn trendy. The craze for suits has been rising in Indian market and most women have at least one of these in their closet. If you don’t want to buy too many try to have black and navy pair as it goes for day and night all the events. Wear it to a meeting and be the boss lady that you are.



3. Jeans

Casual is the new formal. Gone are the time when office outfit consisted of only suits and blazers. Everyone want to be comfortable while working and this mindset brought styling casual pieces like jeans and t shirt in office outfits ideas. Trying pairings jeans and tee with blazers and coats. And yes, don’t wear sneaker or flats as it will pass off too casual vibe. Style it up by adding pumps and a nice handbag and don’t forget that minimalistic jewellery and watch.


4. Saree

Saree is the elegant and sophisticated Indian outfit and it can be worn to any occasion and timing. Saree is the evergreen outfit choice by all Indian women and the craze to wear it to work by younger generation have been in boost these recent years. Try experimenting it with crop top or kurta instead of a blouse so give a little edge. Also keep the season and job role while selecting one. Go for a cotton saree in summer and silk in winter. Similarly, if your job requires too much movement wear a georgette or chiffon sari as its doesn’t wrinkle easily.

office outfit white and black color ready-to-wear saree


5. Shirt and Trouser

Shirt and trouser is the iconic trade mark work wear which will never go out of style. Every person need to own at least one white shirt which they can style in different ways. This look conveys the message “less is more” prominently. There are millions of designs in market for formal shirts and trousers. Choose the right fit and comfort as you have to wear it whole day. Add minimalistic jewellery and good pair of heels. complete the look with a nice handbag. See easy, cool and always trendy.



6. Skirts

Skirts are the least popular item on the list in India but the demand for it is increasing day by day. The younger generation like to be updated on fashion and are getting hugely inspired from fashion bloggers. Skirts are quite comfortable and there is a lot option to choose from. From the length to the fit and other millions factor like fabric and prints. If you want to add a variety to your work outfits try adding a few skirts as per your body type and preference.

skirt for office outfit


7. Salwar Suit

Office outfit ideas for Indian women is never complete without adding salwar suit to the list. It is one of the most versatile kind of clothing and can always be mixed matched to create plethora of combinations. To get that extra factor you can always replace the dupatta with scarves or a statement long neckpiece. Don’t go for heavy bling salwar suits but instead get the one which look the most minimalistic. Choose the right fabric according to seasons. Kurtas enhances all body types and figures and will always remain a classic outfit inspiration for Indian women.

salwar suit office outfit idea


8. Coats and Blazers

Blazer and coat made a niche market for itself in India. The thing with them is that they can make any outfit look highly professional just by adding itself. Wear a tee or a kurta or a saree and layer it up with a blazer or coat and you are ready for that meeting with the clients. The right fabric and the right texture are what you have to pay attention to. And the most important factor is the right fit, as this one is the game changer. Since this item is trending don’t forget to have a few pieces in your collection. It will come quite handy when you don’t want to invest too much time in dressing formally.

coats and blazzers office outfit


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- Written by Rupa Choudhary (Fashion Designer)

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