5 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

Nov 18 , 2021


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5 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

Fashion can make you look dope in minutes but it can have a reverse effect as well. Sometimes if you don’t pay attention to little details it may result in you looking gaudy and unattractive and ultimately a disaster. Balance is the normalizing factor and even fashion and style can’t escape this fact. So, presenting to you a list of five top fashion mistakes that you should avoid at all cost.

1. Over Accessorizing:

“Less is more.” Don’t go on adding more and more accessories. It seems over the top and you will be a wreck. Believe me on this. But also, not be so frightful to not try with any accessories. If you want to focus on your jewelry than wear neutral footwear and handbags. Adding earrings, necklace, bags and heels could elevate your look and give you the edge. However, a wrong choice of shape, size and quantity can damage your whole look.  Keep your skin tone, face shape and outfit in check and match your accessories according to that. Don’t try to wear everything that you own in the wardrobe. Try not to be clown but a fashionista.

women wearing over accessories


2. ill-Fitting Clothes:

Clothes are supposed to fit us and not the vice versa. Wear your perfect size by trying out clothes and seeing the measurement mentioned on them. Don’t squeeze yourself into a smaller size garment. It looks bad as well as uncomfortable. This same goes for oversize clothing. Though oversize is in fashion, sometimes not planning the look can end up in disaster. Always keep in mind your body type and size. While experimenting with baggy clothes keep the other pieces fitted and make a fashion statement. There are millions of choices available in the market to chose from as everyone of them is made to cater to different size and body type.

women wearing ill-fitted clothes


3. Matching Timing and Occasions:

Always keep in mind that one outfit can never go for a day at office, a wedding as well for a night party. Always dress for right occasion keeping the timings of the day. Going to work for a corporate company wearing tanks and shorts not only looks inappropriate but it also leaves a negative impression. Ignoring the dress code is a big no. It’s a fashion faux and should be avoided at all times.

wearing clothes with occasions


4. Blindly Following Fashion Trends:

All trends that get started is not always for us to follow. A model wearing a heavy blingy outfit might look good on ramp but maybe you won’t when you wear it for a function. In the same way, wearing cut out jeans will look in an Instagram post by a celebrity but that will make you look like a walking disaster on streets. Trends may come and go but your style will remain forever. So, try on experimenting looks unless you find your personal style and then keep on evolving it.

over fashion

5.  Compromising On Comfort:

Don’t forget to pay attention to comfort despite the fashion you follow. Always have your personal choice about what you want to wear and how you want to be seen by others. Comfort never goes out of style, always keep that in mind. Walking in a pair of heels awkwardly will not only be a discomfort for you but for people looking at you as well. So, unless you can own it, don’t wear it.

compromising on comfort


Did you make the notes of all these mentioned points? If not do it now. See it was not that hard. Isn’t it? So, since the job has been done say bye-bye to all the worries. Keep on a smiling face and wear your outfits comfortably in your style and be confident. Now as everything is under your wings go out and keep on spreading the love because the worlds need it the most.


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- Written by Rupa Choudhary (Fashion Designer)

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